What to Know About Painting Your Vancouver Commercial Siding

It is evident that commercial siding comes in different materials and diverse colors. You have your options to choose from. It is obvious that siding for commercial properties gives the property a distinct appearance that portrays its own history, stories, or even love of art as it may be viewed on its exterior surface. When you’re about to paint Vancouver commercial siding, ensure that you hire the most reliable commercial exterior painting contractor to carry out the task.

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There are many things that people need to comprehend regarding painting Vancouver commercial siding. It is not just a matter of hiring the best siding painting contractors but understanding what goes into it to achieve optimal results. Despite how old your building appears on the outside, there are ways that you can enhance its appearance by painting Vancouver commercial siding.

Note that most commercial sidings are either made from Vinyl and metal. Vinyl sidings can either be made from acrylic, polyester, and PVC.

Painting Metal Commercial Siding

Painting commercial siding made from metal is not a difficult task. This is because they will undoubtedly be less prone to peeling and chipping as compared to other kinds of surfaces, such as wood sidings. Metals are considered the most durable siding materials used today by many business owners. However, if you choose to paint metal sidings, you should carry out proper preparations.

When painting commercial metal siding, always ensure that you sand its surface using a medium-grit sandpaper until the entire sign of rust has been removed. Removing rust from metal surfaces should be done before the application of primer begins. If you notice that rust still appears on your surface after sanding, you should consider doing the process once again.

You can then apply a primer coat as soon as you have successfully removed all rust and debris from the commercial metal siding. This is very important since it will act as your base coat in which any layer of exterior paint used to produce your desired effect will be applied.

After applying a primer coat of your choice, you can then proceed with applying paints that come in numerous colors and finishes. If you intend to stain the metal siding, you should choose either a flat or semi-gloss paint finish as they are easier to apply. However, different kinds of paints can be used to achieve different looks.

Painting Vinyl Commercial Siding

Painting vinyl commercial sidings is an effortless task. You can do it yourself or hire a professional commercial painting contractor to carry out the job for you. This will ensure that you get more value for your money. When painting vinyl siding, ensure that you pull off small pieces of old paint to expose bare metal. Afterward, you should rub it with a wire brush to get rid of most dirt on the surface.

After removing rust and debris from your Vinyl commercial sidings’ surfaces, you can then proceed by applying a primer coat. It is an essential process because it will help promote adherence between the layers of paint that will be applied next. This step is necessary since it will prevent the peeling and flaking of paint.

As soon as the primer coat is dry, you can begin by applying your preferred paint finish. You can choose from the many types of paints available in the market today that come in different colors and finishes. Most exterior paints are made from synthetic resins that are water-based. However, you can also find water-based paints that come with oil as well as latex, and they are ideal for use in commercial environments.

When applying paint to commercial vinyl sidings, applying a thinner coat than you would on wood sidings is advisable. This is because the initial texture of the vinyl surface is very smooth, like glass. Because of this, you must apply paint to your surface in thin coats. This will prevent the paint from building up and causing peeling and chipping later on.

Painting Other Types of Commercial Sidings

Other types of commercial sidings include wood, composite materials, and masonry. Painting commercial sidings made from these materials is as easy as that of Vinyl and metal. Before painting, ensure that you remove any debris and dirt from the surfaces of the siding. For wood sidings, use a wire brush to scrub off grime before applying a primer coat.

After applying a primer coat, allow it to dry completely before painting your commercial siding surfaces. As with other types of sidings, you can choose from a variety of paints that come in different kinds of finishes and colors. Before painting your wood surfaces, ensure that the primer coat has been dried completely.

Benefits of Painting Your Vancouver Commercial Siding

Painting your commercial siding can be very beneficial to both you and your business. The benefits that can be derived from repainting your commercial siding include:

It Improves curb appeal.

A freshly painted exterior can help improve how your commercial property looks and feel to customers, potential tenants, or employees. A fresh looking paint will also eliminate any stains and dirt on the surface resulting in an aesthetic, clean look.

Minimal maintenance.

Painting your Vancouver commercial siding can help eliminate any stains that may appear on the surface and ensure that it will look clean for a long time to come.

Protection from harsh weather conditions.

Painting is not only essential for beautifying your commercial property but also serves as a protective coating against harsh weather conditions. It will ensure that your building and other important equipment remain safe and in good condition for years to come, even when the weather is not on your side.

Bottom Line

Commercial properties are very important to your business. This is because they help you attract customers, potential tenants, or employees and can also serve as office space for your business operations. Keeping them in good shape by painting them regularly will go a long way in ensuring that your business remains productive.

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