Wallcovering Install / Removal in Vancouver, WA

Getting the Job Done

The practical beauty of wallpaper can transform a business establishment’s interior as it creates a welcome to the public and hides ugly blemishes. Durable as well as an improvement for any commercial décor, it lasts for years without any maintenance except cleaning to remove smudges. Fresh Look Painting offers high-quality wall covering services for building owners and managers in the Vancouver WA area who expect the best. Our expertise lets us get the job done and prevent downtime.

Removing Old Wallpaper

The walls in some older structures can present difficulties in removing worn and outdated wallpaper, but we have the tools and the knowledge to tackle any conditions. Many business owners and property managers years ago did not understand the need to prepare the walls to get the best effects.

Even worse, the lack of preparation meant that the paper adhered directly to the walls. We know how to remove the most stubborn remnants of wallpaper and prepare the walls for a new application. We can handle wall covering removal at gated communities or condo complexes, retail stores or restaurants, schools and colleges, hospitals, public service facilities or any other business. We make business facilities look up to date and well run with our wall covering services.

Preparing for Wallpaper Installation

The preparation of the walls that receive an application of new wallpaper can make the difference between a job that lasts and one that peels and separates. We stay current on the latest techniques for removing wallpaper from interior surfaces that may include concrete block, brick, plaster, plywood or drywall. Each wall surface contains unique properties that we know how to handle and return to almost original condition.

Some projects may present challenges for less experienced contractors, but we have a record of customer satisfaction that we stand behind as a guarantee of our work. Where defects in the underlying surfaces occur, we use our expertise as professional painters to make them smooth and ready to accept a new wallcovering. Our attention to detail makes sure that every project receives the highest level of professional expertise, and our quality standards show in every project.

Relying on Knowledge and Experience

Fresh Look Painting has served the Vancouver WA community for 20 years, and we understand the effects of climate on buildings and businesses in the Northwest. As commercial wall paperers, we study the latest methods of wall covering removal without damaging the underlying surfaces of wallboard, plaster or original construction. When we accept an order to remove wallpaper, we bring years of expertise to the job.

We use the latest equipment to produce the most effective wall covering removal techniques that get rid of old paper. Our tools receive regular maintenance to ensure the effectiveness that guarantees completion in the shortest time to do the job and prevent downtime for our clients. Our experience with all different types of wallpaper and backing prevents any surprises that can cause problems for contractors who may have less familiarity with conditions than we do.

We insure and license our skilled teams, and we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Our reputation stands for the highest quality of work and customer satisfaction, and we honor a commitment to maintaining it. We accept projects in every type of commercial building in any location in the Vancouver area.

Investing in an Upgrade

The public’s view of a business building can reveal startling deficiencies that an owner or property manager’s familiarity with it may hide. First impressions almost always never go away, and the loss of customer traffic presents an unknowable impact. Word-of-mouth communication can prevent customers from choosing to visit a building when it shows a lack of upkeep.

The difference that a new wall covering installation makes to a commercial facility can result in happier customers and more foot traffic. While they may not know the reason, customers can experience greater satisfaction as shoppers, leaseholders or tenants of residential buildings. A decision to brighten the premises and upgrade the appearance makes sense to owners and managers who face the responsibility of helping a business succeed.

Preparing for Fresh Wall Covering Installation

We adhere to the highest standards of professional practices, and the perfection that we achieve reflects it. Our teams have installed massive amounts of wallpaper in Vancouver, and we employ the same proven techniques every time.

  • Readying for Priming
    Before we apply a primer, we make the walls as perfectly smooth as possible. Uneven spots, nail holes, dents and dings, cracks and protrusions receive the attention that makes them disappear.
  • Sanding
    The putty that we apply to wall defects requires light sanding to remove any traces of the material that covers imperfections.
  • Washing
    Many contractors bypass the extra work of washing the walls, but we know that it adds a professional edge that nothing else can equal. Warm water, one of our proprietary cleaners and a sponge can clear away any residue that may mar the appearance of new wallpaper.
  • Priming
    Every wallpaper product comes with specifications from the manufacturer for the primer that produces the best results. We study the properties of wallpapers and primers to deliver the quality wall covering installations that help us maintain our reputation. Our wall preparation gives our work as commercial wall paperers the durability that building owners and managers expect.

Upgrading Properties with Wall Coverings

The benefits of wallpaper removal and installation show up in the appreciation of tenants, leaseholders and customers who choose to shop in a pleasant environment. Employee performance may improve in the presence of a workspace that reflects a willingness to invest in maintenance to make it look well-maintained. Owners and property managers can understand the need for an upgrade by looking at a property through the eyes of the people who shop, visit or inhabit it.

Choosing a Topnotch Contractor

Our teams of dedicated and skilled professionals can transform a business property into a facility the public wants to patronize. We license and insure our workers, and we offer free estimates for wallcovering removal and installation. Our dedication to quality and the highest professional ethics assures building owners and property managers of an excellent investment that can pay off for years to come. We welcome telephone requests for free property inspections and estimates.

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