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A professional look in an office building will set that business apart from local competition. At Fresh Look Painting, our skilled commercial painting contractors have provided services to companies of all sizes for over 15 years. Whether your next project in Vancouver is large or small, our licensed and insured contractors and professional painters are eager to assist you.

Benefits of Professional Office Painting

While painting may initially seem to be a simple task that nearly anyone could do over a single weekend, it is actually more involved than you might think if you want visibly perfect results. Painting requires a great deal of skill as well as an innate knowledge of paints, coatings and substrates. Plus, it can take a huge amount of time, cutting into your regular weekly work schedule. If not done correctly the first time, you may find yourself paying double for new paints and for the time and materials needed to correct any problems.

However, when you hire professional office painters, you can uncover a host of amazing benefits that will help you decrease your stress and even save you time and money. First, your commercial painting contractor will select work hours that mesh with your office hours. Most likely, you do not want your daily work schedule interrupted by noise, painter’s plastic and paint fumes. We ensure that your business is not unduly disturbed during our work time.

Second, professional painters provide the highest quality services. Lines and edges will be clean, and every wall will appear perfectly smooth and streak-free. Our paint is accurately calibrated for an office environment.

Third, a painting contractor ensures complete safety of the job site during the project. This is particularly important in office spaces with raised ceilings or multi-story staircases.

Of course, there are many other ways that you can benefit from choosing professional office painters. They will have the knowledge of all the latest equipment and techniques and will have the ladders, spray guns and rollers necessary to complete the job well. Even if you want decorative painting, they can help you create a statement wall with no stress on your part.

Interior and Exterior Office Services

Some office buildings require professional painting both indoors and out. While the majority of indoor office areas require regular repainting to keep the spaces looking clean and fresh, you may forget that painted siding, windows and other framework face the brunt of bad weather, harsh sunlight and outdoor pollutants. This can cause outdoor paint to break down quickly, leaving you with peeling surfaces. To keep your office building looking its best and to ensure that you retain your reputation among your employees and clients, choose specialized exterior office painting to create a weather-resistant coating.

Although clients will gain a first impression of your business from the exterior of the building, the interior spaces also say quite a bit about how well-run your business is and how dedicated you are to the details. Gorgeous workspaces that appear clean and comfortable with fresh coats of paint will not only improve the impression your clients gain from your space but also will create a more comfortable and welcoming work environment.

Specialized Office Painting Services

At Fresh Look, we offer a variety of the most popular and coveted commercial painting services in Vancouver along with a variety of specialty services that can help businesses achieve one-of-a-kind looks that set them apart from the competition. Some of the services we provide include the following:

  • Painting walls and ceilings
  • Repairing drywall and plaster walls
  • Coating surfaces in epoxy, fire-retardant or electrostatic paints
  • Removing wallpaper and restoring surfaces

From manufacturing plant offices to strip mall office refurbishments, our contractors and painters at Fresh Look have worked in a variety of office environments all over Vancouver WA. Our prior work experience across the city ensures a successful job for you as well.

Benefits of Choosing Fresh Look Painting in Vancouver WA

We know that you have plenty of choices when it comes to improving your workspace. However, we also know that our professionals at Fresh Look in Vancouver are the all-around best when it comes to painting and finishing your office.

If you are wondering why you should choose us, we are here to set your mind at ease. We have the experience you need to trust us. With over 15 years in business, Fresh Look contractors have had plenty of time to learn everything possible about all types of paints and commercial coatings along with how to best apply them to every type of substrate. Whether you have an older building with plaster walls or are moving into a new construction, we are here to help your space look as amazing as possible.

Besides our expertise, we also have the equipment necessary to make your next project successful. We are able to protect all of your office equipment and furniture while reaching even the tallest ceilings. From balconies, hallways and stairwells to lobbies and individual offices, our commercial contractor will walk you through your project step by step, making sure to share any concerns or problems with you as soon as they arise.

Safety is a priority at Fresh Look. While we can work in even the most demanding environments, we understand how to stay safe while also keeping your clients, employees and offices safe. Each of our professionals follows current OSHA safety standards and is overseen by a conscientious contractor on every project.

Dedicated Office Painters Offering Guaranteed Satisfaction

Clearly, we are the smart choice when it comes to quality commercial painting in the Vancouver area. You can trust Fresh Look with your next project, knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed for every project large or small. We will help you meet your goals quickly, letting you experience minimal downtime in production or daily work and saving you money in the long run.

Professional painting is a job that requires both knowledge and skill. When you choose Fresh Look for your next painting project, you can rest assured that we will treat your building as if it were our own. Our high standards combined with our ability to paint in even the most challenging settings set us apart from any other company in Vancouver.

The Fresh Look Difference

Choose Fresh Look for our knowledge, expertise, safety standards and dedication to the most current office painting trends. We encourage you to call us today to learn more about what we can offer and to get a free estimate for your next painting project.

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