Commercial Exterior Painting in Vancouver, Washington

Getting the Job Done

Your business in Vancouver WA is visible to an untold number of people. If it looks aesthetically pleasing, it will lure in a wide range of consumers. Plus, it will be the center of attention, so you have turned to the best place. Here at Fresh Look Painting, we shine at using the transformative power of color and paint. Our seasoned painters have been beautifying places of business for over 20 years. Now that you are interested in the commercial exterior painting services that we provide, we want you to be informed about the many benefits of a well-executed paint job.

A Newly Painted Building Enjoys a Heightened Degree of Curb Appeal

When you put on your best suit or dress, do your employees and colleagues compliment you on how good you look? Visitors judge your business when they first see it. With our ability to apply beautiful coats of paint, we can make your business look its best to help shape the opinions of your potential clients. The commercial building will stand out more because it will be covered in an enhanced film that warrants greater curb appeal.

While faded and chipped paint can drive people away, new paint can send the message that your business is thriving. This means our commercial exterior painting services can facilitate your effort to grow your clientele. Furthermore, the resulting curb appeal will help tremendously if you ever decide to sell your business in Vancouver. We will gladly give you color recommendations that will go a long way toward raising the building's resale value. Since paint jobs are beneficial only when they are done right, you are doing yourself a favor by leaving the jobs to us.

When you work with a commercial painting contractor like our company, you do not have to work hard at all. We take care of the logistics and the legwork.

Commercial Exterior Painting Is Among Our Specialties

We give our clients in Vancouver a deal that is not easy to turn down. Our rates remain competitive because we want to help without ruining your budget. More importantly, we want to fulfill your painting requirements, so tell us about your vision. Share your goals with us. Our painters have excellent attention to detail. This means you can trust them to adorn the building's exterior with outstanding results. We are on a mission to become your friends in the painting industry.

As a leading commercial painting contractor, we can work in some of the most challenging environments and can apply different finishes to a variety of substrates. Because we specialize in all aspects of commercial painting and understand how to use specialty coatings, we can manage projects at just about any commercial property.

These are the properties that we regularly paint:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Condos
  • Public services facilities
  • Stores and strip malls
  • Schools and universities
  • Restaurants
  • Parking structures
  • Offices and office parks
  • Hospitals and health clinics
  • Banks

Throughout the Vancouver area, business owners and managers of gated communities look to us when they need a commercial painting contractor. If you are wondering why you should follow their lead, focus on the fact that we have a track record of seeing projects through. We are proficient at our craft and responsive to our clients. Before we proceed with the paint job, we will go over the specifications with you. Then, we will provide a timetable to give you an idea of when your business will have an exterior that is worth marveling at.

This Is What Happens When We Undertake Exterior Painting Jobs

We show up when expected. On top of that, we strive to do high-quality work that meets the greatest expectations. Are you worried that we will cut corners? This is one possibility that you can rule out. At our company, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We also keep downtime to a minimum by taking a speedy approach that enables us to deliver a fast turnaround. Therefore, we will not inconvenience you. Whether we give your commercial building a minor or major makeover, you will have a big reason to smile.

Our makeovers are advantageous because they do more than just improve aesthetic value. They provide buildings with a reliable layer of protection.

We Use Top-Grade Paint That Can Minimize and Prevent Common Problems

Unfortunately, if old paint is covering your place of business, it is only a matter of time before you come across rusted or corroded parts. The harsh and inclement weather in Vancouver WA will gradually deteriorate the materials that make up the siding on the building. However, we have several coatings that will reduce the threat by shielding the siding from the elements. The objective is to keep your business in tip-top condition. As licensed and insured painters, we have the means to tackle every step of the painting process in a risk-free manner.

Since we are serious when we say we are committed to excellence, we take the time to extensively prep all surfaces. From removing layers of crud with power washing machines to filling holes with caulk, we do it all because we truly believe in going the extra mile to tackle paint jobs right the first time. When our top-grade paints and primers dry, they produce a flawless finish that will retain its beauty for years. Call Fresh Look Painting today to get a quote and to set up an appointment. Also, feel free to ask us questions about our commercial exterior painting services. Our painters will work around your busy schedule so that your daily operations will not be disrupted.

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