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At Fresh Look Painting, we take pride in helping businesses in the Vancouver WA area discover the benefits of both interior and exterior commercial painting. Our professionals have been providing high-quality results and reliable services to area businesses for over 20 years. There are many types of commercial structures, and painting needs for each company vary depending on business type, environmental issues and more. Our professionals will be happy to discuss your company's needs to help you determine what is right for you.

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We all know the reputation that follows professional painters. In the commercial painting world, when the jobs are huge and the stakes are high, we know that the knowledge of having painters you can trust on your team is worth its weight in gold.

That's why we at Freshlook Painting Co prides ourselves in the following areas:

  • We run BACKGROUND CHECKS on all our employees;

  • We DRUG SCREEN all our employees;

  • We have a 2-YEAR WARRANTY;


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We believe that there is fundamental value and distinction in putting integrity first. This is the backbone of our company.

Why Is Paint Important for Your Business?

The most important reason to paint the interior and exterior surfaces of your business is to protect the building. Since Washington is prone to excessive moisture outdoors, a high-quality paint will help create a seal and protect your structure from water-related damage. If the interior has a good paint coat, it will also help safeguard it from moisture. It can also shield it from some stains. When we clean commercial structures before we paint, we sometimes find signs of pest infestations or water damage that may have worsened if the problems continued to go unnoticed.


One important aspect of paint that commercial real estate owners often overlook is the perceptions of others. For example, your employees, tenants or patrons are more likely to have a better mood if the paint is fresh, attractive and welcoming. If the paint is peeling, it can contribute to a poorer brand image. Today, brand image is one of the most important factors in staying competitive in ever-growing markets. Also, when your employees feel better emotionally and mentally, morale and productivity are both higher.


Efficiency and organization are also overlooked benefits of painting the interior of your business. If you have a large commercial space with multiple departments, interior paint is an excellent aid. You can apply different colors of paint to each department to differentiate them, and this can help reduce confusion among employees, customers and any other stakeholders who enter the building. If there are multiple commercial buildings on your property that are part of a single business, painting them different colors can also help visitors and workers find the right buildings or areas.

How Long Does Commercial Paint Last?

This varies for each structure. Moisture, chemical exposure, debris, paint quality and many other issues can affect the longevity of paint. Most interior and exterior paint jobs last several years. Some interior paint may last longer. When you discuss the specifics of your structure with us, we can give you a more accurate estimate.

How Do I know If I need My Commercial Building Repainted

If your paint is peeling, cracking or chipping, it is time for new paint. If your building has not been repainted during the last five years, it may be time to start planning for new paint. Our company can inspect your building to help you determine if you need new paint.

What Is Involved in the Painting Process?

The process involves several steps, which include many tasks within each step. These are the main steps that you can expect with our commercial painting services:

  • We remove wallpaper, sand, caulk and seal cracks as necessary.
  • We sterilize the surfaces and remove any mold or mildew.
  • After we clean and dry the surfaces, we prime and paint them.
  • If you need specialty coatings, we apply them.
  • Our team cleans up every day, and we do a thorough cleanup at the end of the project.

You may also be wondering how long the entire process takes. This also varies considerably with each project. Larger buildings with more complex needs can take more time. The amount of painting, the complexity of the project, the features of the building, the presence of mold, the condition of the surface and weather are just a few factors that may affect how long a project takes. We can give you a better time estimate if we know the specifics of your project needs. However, we always work efficiently and take steps to minimize interruptions to your business operations.

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Benefits of Commercial Painting Services From Fresh Look Painting

Now that you understand the benefits of painting your commercial real estate investment, it helps to understand why it is important to work with a professional. Some people attempt to paint smaller commercial structures themselves and discover problems during the process. For example, a person may improperly sand a wall and damage it. With sanding, people also create risks for themselves when they breathe in paint dust without the right protective gear. Working with a professional means that you eliminate such risks, have the assurance of a good outcome and do not waste time or money on the tasks. These are the main benefits of hiring a commercial painting contractor:

  • Without sacrificing quality, we work quickly to minimize lost productivity.
  • We are fully insured and licensed.
  • Our painters have an extensive knowledge of paint properties and substrates.
  • We take the time to get to know you, your needs and your brand.
  • With our satisfaction guarantee, rest assured that we are not happy until you are happy.

As an experienced commercial painting contractor, we specialize in painting schools, medical buildings, office buildings, apartment complexes, industrial complexes, banks, hospitals and many other types of commercial structures. We use top-of-the-line paint brands to maximize longevity and optimize appearance. Our painters discuss the job scope with you to help arrange a realistic schedule for project completion. We will also explain the steps, where we will be working each day and what our painters will need to do. Professionalism and maintaining your company's privacy are also important to us. We look forward to serving you. If you are looking for a commercial painting contractor in Vancouver WA, please contact us today to receive a free estimate for your interior or exterior painting needs.

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