Electrostatic Painting in Vancouver, Washington

Getting the Job Done

LIn and around Vancouver WA, commercial property owners and business owners actively make use of fresh paint applications to elevate aesthetics and to protect surfaces from damage. While latex and oil-based paints receive ample attention and are among the most well-known types of applications, other options are available and may be a better choice for various surfaces in specific environments. At Fresh Look Painting, we have been providing specialty paint application services like electrostatic painting to our valued commercial clients in the local area for years. As your licensed and insured commercial painting contractor, we have the expertise and dedication required to produce the impressive results that you need to see.

Bringing the Benefits of Electrostatic Painting to Your Property

In many commercial buildings, the protective benefits of paint are necessary on a wide range of surfaces. Metal surfaces and other conducive surfaces that are hard-to-cover are generally not well-suited for common paint products. As your trusted electrostatic painting contractor, we will utilize advanced machinery that gives paint a magnetic charge as it sprays the paint onto the desired surface. The charge makes the paint stick securely to the conducive material. At the same time, the charge causes the paint to reach all areas of the surface, and this includes hard-to-reach corners. While metal surfaces attract the charged paint, the charges in the paint repel each other. This means that the paint spreads evenly over the surface to create a smooth finish.

Understanding the Benefits of This Specialized Application

Our team has used the electrostatic process to paint surfaces in a wide range of commercial buildings throughout the local area. This includes factories and warehouses, parking structures, office buildings and condos, restaurants, healthcare facilities, retail stores, banks and more. The most significant and obvious benefit of electrostatic painting in these and other types of commercial properties is the ability to generate smooth, even paint coverage on surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to paint. Because of the electrical charge, the sprayed paint hits the desired surfaces more substantially. The bothersome effects of over-spraying are minimized. As a result, the work area remains cleaner, and less time and money are required to clean the area at the end of the project. In addition, the painted surface will repel smudges from dirt, oil and more for a long period of time after application. An experienced and detail-oriented electrostatic painting contractor should be hired to get the job done, and his or her expertise with this process may yield faster results than you may enjoy from other types of paint application processes.

Delivering Impressive Results to Our Customers in Vancouver WA

We utilize advanced equipment in order to produce results that our Vancouver-area customers love. The electrostatic technique requires the use of an atomizer gun, a bell switch, a paint tank, a compressor, a flow control system and other high-quality and advanced equipment. We never take chances with our customers’ satisfaction. To ensure that we deliver consistently excellent results for each surface that we paint, all of our painting experts are equipped with high-quality and well-maintained equipment. This equipment enables our team to work efficiently and effectively while also generating incredible results. Each electrostatic painting contractor on our team has a solid eye for detail, a strong desire to satisfy our customers and extensive experience with this and other specialty paint application methods. Regardless of how large or small the surface area is for your next project, we can assure you that you will love the work that we do. In fact, we stand behind our work with a solid guarantee.

Expecting Great Things from Your Commercial Painting Contractor

Electrostatic painting provides exceptional benefits, but it is not an ideal technique for all surfaces on your property. When you request a consultation and estimate from our contracting team, we will determine if this is the specialty application process that is a great match for your specific needs. Some of the many surfaces that we have painted using this method are metal rails, bleachers, lockers, playground equipment and fencing. Spiral stairs, structural components and utility fixtures are some of the many other surfaces that may be coated beautifully through this technique. We want you to take advantage of the protective and beautifying benefits of paint throughout your commercial property. After we learn about your specific needs, we can recommend the right application techniques that are well-suited for those needs.

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When you hire a commercial painting team in Vancouver to tackle your needs, you understandably need to see impressive results across every surface. We never cut corners or make recommendations that are not in your best interest. Our experienced painters always work efficiently while maintaining a low-profile presence if we work during your business’s operational hours. We know what it takes to deliver gorgeous results across all types of commercial surfaces, and we will not rest until you are satisfied with the work that we do. To request a free estimate for your upcoming painting project, contact Fresh Look Painting today.

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