Is Pressure Washing Needed for Your Vancouver HOA Community?

It’s a season of change. The warm spring temperatures are replacing the bitter winter chills. And, in many places, pandemic restrictions are lifting. As such, it’s the perfect time for sprucing up your condo complex, multifamily residence, or other homeowner’s association (HOA) community.

Indeed, in and around Vancouver WA, many buildings look battered after the cold months. But the right painting contractor can fix that. She or he can give your building a deep, rejuvenating cleaning.

For many HOA managers, the secret to a glistening exterior is pressure washing. Maybe you’ve heard of this cleaning method, but you’re not sure what it involves. What can it do for you? And whom can you trust to handle this delicate procedure?

Pressure Washes: An Overview

When done by the right people, a pressure washing is fast and affordable. Better yet, it’ll give you the most thorough cleaning possible. Every surface will be sanitized completely, and all contaminants will be swept away. It’s ideal for siding, patios, decks, driveways, pools, sidewalks, and other outdoor elements.

When people wash a building in this way, they utilize a special machine that shoots a powerful water spray. That stream can blast away everything from graffiti to oil stains, and it works almost instantly.

Be aware that some people use the terms “pressure washing” and “power washing” interchangeably. However, these procedures are different from each other.

Specifically, power washing involves heated water, which works well under certain circumstances. But hot water can harm certain building materials, so a pressure wash is a safer option for HOA managers.

Added Safety, Extra Curb Appeal

A pressure wash can make a property safer right away. For one thing, without algae and other substances coating the ground, people are less likely to slip and fall.

Furthermore, because this process can remove harmful molds and microbes, your residents will breathe in cleaner air. And, since this type of cleaning involves no dangerous chemicals, it’s friendly to the environment.

In addition, a pressure wash makes good business sense. Afterwards, your exterior might shine and gleam as it hasn’t in a long time. It could look brand new.

As an HOA leader, that kind of visual appeal is important. It will help you to attract new tenants, and it’ll reduce your turnover rate.

After all, it’s easy for residents to become disenchanted with a property if it’s looking worn out or grimy. Soon enough, they’ll crave a cleaner and more vibrant home.

By contrast, when people live in a residence that’s obviously clean and well taken care of, they usually feel appreciated. They can take pride in their home, and they can look forward to showing it to their visitors.

Plus, after the global COVID pandemic, many people will be more conscious about sanitation in general. Going forward, fewer individuals will take chances with their health; few will want to live in a potentially germy home.

On top of everything else, a cleaner exterior won’t decay as quickly, which will reduce your upkeep costs over time.

A Company You Can Trust for Pressure Wash Excellence

Keep in mind that pressure washing is only safe when a trained professional conducts it. And the equipment that she or he uses must be in top-notch condition. If that intense jet of water isn’t completely under control, it can cause bodily injuries and property damage.

Of course, you’ll also want to hire pros who can give you the best value for your money.

If you live in or near Vancouver WA, Fresh Look Painting is an outstanding choice for exterior cleaning. We’ve been in business for more than 15 years, and we specialize in commercial painting and specialty coating as well as in pressure washes.

We own and operate the most advanced equipment on the market, and we keep all of our machines in excellent condition. Our employees stay up to date with the latest industry techniques as well.

All of our staff members are fully insured and licensed, and they can succeed in the most trying of work environments. Moreover, we run extensive background checks on every employee, and they must undergo drug screenings.

Not to mention, everyone who works at Fresh Look Painting is polite, friendly, respectful, and punctual. The entire group is dedicated to careful craftsmanship and beautiful results, and we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

For all these reasons, we enjoy a reputation for first-class service among local businesses. We have many repeat customers, too, including people who sign up for regular power washes. If you’d like more information about us or about pressure washing in general, you can contact us for a free consultation. We’d be happy to discuss scheduling and other details with you. Before long, your property will be shining brightly — as clean, hygienic, and welcoming as it’s ever been.