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Getting the Job Done

Like with many other services, it can be tempting to rent your own equipment and provide your own pressure washing service at home. However, there's a surprising amount of skill required to get the job done correctly and efficiently:

  • If the nozzle is too close or the pressure is too high, you can damage surfaces permanently
  • Incorrectly handled equipment can cause injury to the operator or to others
  • Careful technique and steady hands are needed to prevent streaks and to clean evenly

Hiring a professional washer like our team at Fresh Look Painting will allow us to clean your commercial facilities in an efficient and safe manner that fits your budget -- not to mention, we're much more effective at cleaning than Pacific Northwest rain!

Benefits of a Pressure Wash

It might seem like a waste of time to pressure wash your facility considering how stressful the work budget can be on its own. Those who attempt to wash the facility themselves can often do more harm than good as they often lack to necessary skill and experience to handle the equipment. The wrong settings can blow a hole through the roof, peel away the exterior finish, or even contaminate the facility with detergent. For these reasons, it's best to leave the job to the professionals in Vancouver WA.

Maintaining a commercial property is a seemingly never-ending quest. Significant traffic quickly dirties up the place and can cause the area to look run down in a matter of days. Professional pressure washers will take on the task of cleaning and treating every square inch of the property.

What are the benefits? The following are just a few reasons to pick up the phone and give our team a call to schedule your consultation.

A Clean Business is More Inviting

An attractive property free from filth is an excellent marketing tool for any business. If you want to attract prospective customers from off the street -- not to mention if you want to keep the clients you already have -- it's a good idea to make sure your business always look its best. By hiring a professional service, you can benefit from the company's commercial-grade equipment to restore the walkways, the parking lot, the sidewalks, and the building's exterior.

Professional Building Maintenance

It's no small task to maintain a commercial property, especially since it needs to look its best every day. Attempting to take on the task yourself can be dangerous at worst and time-consuming at best. Climbing tall ladders and attempting to use unfamiliar equipment are generally not recommended for anyone. Allow the professionals to handle the burden of maintenance.

Our team is prepared to discuss your needs and come up with a schedule that meets your convenience. Our professionals are ready to show you the benefits of a good pressure wash service and to help your commercial property stay clean all year long.

Differences Between Power, Pressure, and Soft Washing

Cleaning the outside of a commercial property in Vancouver WA will require a professional service. While any good professional should already know the difference between power, pressure, and soft washing techniques, it benefits everyone for our customers to know as well.

Power Washing

A power wash removes surface mud, dirt, mold, mildew, and any other contaminants sitting on the exterior of your business, using pressurized water to remove the contaminant. It also relies on temperature, heating the water before releasing it. This is more efficient than attempting to use a regular garden hose with cold water.

Even though the machines only spit water, they release it in such force that it's dangerous for an amateur to try and use it. It's a good idea to leave the equipment to the professionals to take care of your business. Our team has been trained in handling a variety of special equipment so that your property and employees are not damaged.

Because power wash services require a high degree of force, this is best reserved for hard surfaces like driveways, decks, sidewalks, patios, and fences. These areas need lots of force to get clean.

Pressure Washing

Few differences exist between power and pressure wash machines such that it's common to believe that they're the same service. However, those differences are significant enough to make them very different services with very different applications.

A pressure wash doesn't need to heat the water before releasing it, depending entirely on how hard the water is forced out onto the surface. Because it comes out in such force, it's useful to wash away mildew, contaminants, dirt, and mold from surfaces.

Soft Washing

A completely different service altogether, soft washing refers to an environmentally safe chemical solution that washes the exterior of a commercial property.

Although it can stand up with the harsh weather of the Pacific Northwest, your business' exterior remains a delicate structure. There are lots of paint layers and weathering protections that could be peeled away if a high-force machine is used.

This machine does use a softer show of force compared to power and pressure washers, but it is still highly recommended that you rely on a pressure washing service company to handle the job for you. This is because soft washers still use hazardous chemicals to remove the dirt from the exterior, so appropriate experience handling these chemicals is necessary.

We can apply the chemical solution to your property safely and efficiently, letting it rest for several minutes as it works its magic, breaking down the mold, mildew, and dirt in the pores and cracks of the building.

Finally, we use a low rinse system to wash the chemicals and dirt off the building. Unlike the other machines, this low-rinse system is only a little harsher than a typical garden hose. That means you need not worry that the building will become damaged from its use.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional versus DIY

For the most part, the weather in Vancouver isn't too bad; it's not as wet as Seattle, after all! However, with those heavy rains that do happen amid strong wind, it doesn't take much to get a building dirty overnight. When the rain doesn't want to help you out by getting things cleaner rather than dirtier, a professional washer can handle this time-consuming task for you.

Better Equipment

Our professionals have industry-standard equipment and we regularly maintain that equipment so it's always in working shape for the job. Commercial equipment have greater pressure, perform better, and have more capacities compared to consumer models, which is another reason to hire a professional instead of going it alone.

Familiarity with Products

Because no two cleaning jobs are alike, it's crucial that whoever cleans your property knows which products to use and how to use the equipment. The build-up and type of dirt on the buildings will require different solutions to clean. Additionally, the surface material will impact the process: We must consider the amount of sunlight exposure, how porous the materials are, how close the water will get to sources of pollen, and other variables.

Trained and Insured

Business owners can take peace of mind in knowing that independent third parties have confirmed all of our employees are knowledgeable in washing commercial properties. Our team is experienced and have individually handled both surprises and difficult situations in the past. We are all equipped to do a better job than the average person can do, and we can give you more than your money's worth in the long run.

Plus, our pressure washing service company is insured as well as licensed. Both client and company are protected from sudden issues that arise during the cleaning.

Above all, it's better to use this time for other aspects of your business instead when you can outsource the cleaning to the pressure washing professionals.

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