Why You Should Paint Your Office Space In Winter

Winter is the time that many people spend a lot of time in their offices, which means that the office spaces have to give off a professional and welcoming vibe. That is why you need to do a new coat of paint on the walls.

Not only does it make the office beautiful, but it also helps keep the employees motivated and increases their productivity, attracts and impresses customers, and also improves the quality and lifetime of your building.

Many people consider having their offices painted during the summer, but in the real sense, winter is the best time for office painting because:

1. The paint dries faster

You do not want to have a client or employee leaning against the wall and leaving with a big patch of paint on their clothes, and neither do you want to work in a place full of the pungent smell of wet paint or postpone your appointments and meetings because of wet paint.

Well, that is more likely to happen your office painting takes place over the summer because the air is usually very humid, which slows down the drying process. However, the cold and dry air of the winter will fasten the process because of the reduced humidity.

2. Not all windows need to be open

It is essential to have good ventilation during the painting process, which means you have to open some windows. However, you do not need to open a lot of them because of the extremely cold weather outside.

3. It is faster

During winter, the sun rises earlier, and the snow helps reflect the light inside the building. Also, unlike during the summer, where exterior painters stop working when the sun goes down, interior painters in the winter can go on all evening.

Also, interior painting jobs generally go faster because space is lesser than in exterior painting.

The painters also do not have to stop because of extreme weather temperatures because the temperatures and general weather conditions in the winter are conducive for them to work all day without stopping.

4. Painters have a lot of free time

Since many people prefer having their paint jobs done during the summer, a lot of commercial painting contractors don’t have much work during the winter.

That also allows you to be flexible because the job can be done with a schedule that is perfect for you. Since the painters will not be in such a hurry, it also gives you a lot of time to plan and decide on what colors you want and how you want them painted.

Commercial interior painters are also easily available during winter because a lot of their exterior painting projects were done during summer, fall and spring. The painters, due to their open schedules, may also be willing to work at night and during the weekends, which may save you a lot of time.

The freer schedules that painters also make it easier for you to make an appointment and get a faster response because they are dealing with fewer customers.

They also schedule your painting dates immediately, unlike during the summer where you would have to wait for a week or so to have painters in your office.

5. Helps with your employees’ morale

The winter, with all the cold and snow inside, needs a little warmth to keep your employees going. Changing up those dull colors with some bright and colorful paints helps improve your employees’ moods, morale, and productivity.

The bright colors interact with their brains in fascinating ways, offering not only an optical aesthetic but also stimulates tangible positive reactions and mood, which boost their energy and creativity levels.

Dull colors make the office look so serious, but brighter and airy colors help make it more cheerful and fun when working.

You can choose some matching bright colors and have each on every wall, or you can have them all on the same walls but in a pattern or even draw some cheerful paintings like flowers.

The bright colors also help make the office look larger and feel airier, which helps keep it looking lively.

6. Commercial Painting is Cheaper

Since many people do their painting jobs in the summer, that traffic is low for the painting companies, which leaves them competing for the little remaining customers. That will make them reduce their prices and give more discounts.

You can save around 40% by painting your office in the winter.

7. You can acquire the best quality paint

With the discounts and low prices offered by the painting companies, you can use that extra money to go for the best varieties and qualities of paints, primers, and topcoats. You can go for paints that have little to no smell and the ones that cure without leaving any uneven and bumpy patches.

8. You can have a theme for every year

Since winter comes at the end of the year, you can get creative with your paint jobs and decide to always have a color theme in the office for every year.

That will not only help change up the mood and the levels of creativity; it will also ensure that you paint your office every year, which protects it and improves its quality and lifetime.

9. More fun time during the summer

While others are worrying about getting their offices painted in the summer and having to leave the beach to go and inspect how the work is faring, you do not have to worry about any of that.

You have all your summertime to enjoy and have fun without worrying about work.

That gives you a lot of time with your family and friends, and you get to enjoy and be present every second. You can even drive out of town to your dream vacation destination with zero worries.

10. No interruptions

The painting job will go on consistently because painters do not have to worry about any weather fluctuations that can stop their job. Firstly, they will be inside a building, and the weather barely changes during winter.

That not only makes the job go on smoothly but also faster.

11. You get perfect results

In the summer, the painters might be in a hurry to do the paint job because of the many clients, which is not a concern during winter. Because of the fewer clients and the free time the painters have, they will take their time in doing all the paint coats to perfection, from the primer to the topper.

They also ensure that they paint all the corners and some of those high places that may be hard to get the brush into.

12. More consultation time

Sometimes you may be undecided on what color you want in your office, and you need advice from your painters. Because of the low traffic in winter, you can book an appointment for a consultation and get it right away.

Also, you get enough time to ask all the questions and get clarifications on all the issues you have. You also have a lot of time to go over the terms of the painting jobs and compare between the companies to find the best.

13. Wall surface temperature is all you have to worry about

For perfect interior painting, there is a minimum application temperature required both from the air and the surface to be painted. During winter, you do not have to worry about the air temperature because it is already perfect.

Check to ensure if the wall surface is colder or warmer than the air. Most of the time, the wall will be colder than the air in winter. The wall temperature can be measured using an infrared thermometer.

If the air has a temperature of above 50of and the wall is still cold, the painters can use a blow dryer, a heat gun, or any other form of artificial heating system to warm it up.

14. More productivity time

When you paint your office at the beginning of winter, you will not have to stop your employees from working later in the season because of a paint job, which ensures that they are working a lot of the time.

15. Gives a good impression

If you are competing with another company over employees, a good paint job will give you an upper hand because all employees dream of working in a modern looking and attractive office.

16. Helps increase quality

If you are planning on selling your office space for a profit, painting it will not only help it look attractive but will also increase the quality. The fresh paint makes it look newer and in the best condition.

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