Why Commercial Painting Safety Should Matter to You, the Vancouver Business Owner

The best commercial painting contractors in Vancouver WA use safety measures from the very start. They realize that it’s too risky to paint without a safety strategy. If you’re a Vancouver business owner, plan for safety in the beginning. When you do, your employees, customers, and prospects will notice the difference.

1. Assign Short-Term Offices for Employees

Working in the center of a painting project is a safety hazard. Employees can slip and fall on slippery surfaces or on paint splatter, so if possible, move them to another office. They might enjoy a little change in the atmosphere until the painting project is completed. Working remotely is another option to consider.

2. Remind Employees to Avoid Painting Areas

When painters leave unfinished work at the end of their workday, they plan to return. The area they are working in is still considered unsafe. It should be inspected for safety again after the painters’ work is finished and the crew takes all of their supplies with them. Instruct employees to stay safe by avoiding those areas even after the commercial painters leave each day. Let them know the area is unsafe until they receive written notice by email.

3. Rope Off Painting Areas to Lower Slipping and Falling Accidents

Sometimes it’s not practical for employees to avoid painting areas throughout their workday. In those cases, rope off sections within the painting area. Leave enough room for people to pass through without getting too close to the workers or paint surfaces. Hang signs on ropes to deter curiosity seekers.

4. Provide Sufficient Ventilation

Painting areas should have adequate airflow to rid the space of paint fumes and other chemicals. Symptoms related to smelling paint fumes include headaches, dizziness, and irritation to the eyes, and throat. If you’re unsure about which ventilation resources are adequate, the team at Fresh Look Painting is ready to help you plan your safety strategy from project concept to completion.

5. Inform All of the Dangers of Touching Wet Paint

Shortly after the crew finishes painting a surface section, they will move on to painting the next one. The part they just completed is still wet and poses a danger to those who touch it. For this reason, let employees know of the possible side effects. These include eye redness, burning, and itching as well as skin irritation that could last a while. By not touching wet paint they can avoid these inconveniences.

Customers who have access to painting areas need to know of the dangers of close contact with wet paint too. Everyone wants to be safe when shopping.

6. Reporting Accidents

Although contractors and employers may put forth a concentrated effort to put safety first, an accident could still occur. Statistics show that without a safety plan, accidents will surely happen. What’s more, they could be more extensive than if a plan weren’t in place.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Completing the Paperwork for Professional and Experienced Commercial Painting Contractors

Professional contractors that have been in business for a while are trained in safety protocols established by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). A member of the contractor’s team will file a report when a painter has an accident while on a painting project. You can expect to receive prevention tips in a report about the incident.

Your Human Resources (HR) Department Completes the Paperwork for Employee- and Customer-related Accidents

Filing out the paperwork when employees and customers have accidents relating to a painting project can be stressful for a business’s HR department. But that is what must be done when an accident occurs involving either an employee or customer. Workers’ compensation premiums may rise because someone has to absorb the claim expenses. A customer liability can be even more costly.

The best action is prevention. Holding a staff meeting where you discuss safety procedures prior, during, and after a painting project is important. Be sure to talk about how customers will interact during the renovation too.

7. Schedule Daytime Painting for Best Results

Even though experienced painters can paint at any time, they prefer to work during day hours where there is natural sunlight. If you find that you can’t accommodate them, ask if the contractor has evening or weekend hours available to work on your project. Realize that scheduling issues slow down the progress and could add costs to your original estimated budget.

By allowing painters to work during the day, you can adjust without going over budget. Give your employees a few days to transfer copy machines and printers, the equipment they regularly use, to another area. This should happen before the painting job starts.

8. Encourage Positive Employee Morale

A higher absentee rate may happen; therefore, raising employee morale during this time is essential. Keep in mind, this is only temporary. Tell employees the surface improvements will be something they can take pride in seeing every day when the painting project is finished.

9. Get Customers Excited About Your New Painting Renovation

When customers don’t know what is going on, they feel left out. Keep your brand in their good graces by sending them a text message, email, or postcard about the new painting project. They’ll be glad you thought of it and be more prepared.

Another option or additional step you can take is to post progress photos of the painted surfaces on social media.

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