Wall Paint Vs. Wallpaper: Which Is a Better Option for Your Vancouver Commercial Property?

Wallpaper has been making a comeback recently for all types of interiors. Although it is easy to look at wallpaper on a display or in a photo online, it is harder to fully visualize it in a certain room. This leaves people wondering if it is better to paint or use wallpaper. If you have a commercial property, it is important to make the right choice. An unattractive result can deter tenants or customers, and a beautiful result can attract them. If you are looking for a professional painting contractor to help with an interior project, Fresh Look Painting is here for you.

Environmental Factors

In some cases, it is better to choose paint than wallpaper for environmental reasons. Some wallpaper materials are not environmentally friendly. Old paint is usually sanded or scraped off and can be cleaned away. Today, there are professional paints that have fewer volatile organic compounds and are better for the environment than older products.

Building Structure

Industrial, retail, office and other types of commercial buildings have different needs. For example, a factory where there are machines with a lot of sparks would not be a good place for flammable wallpaper. It would be a better place for electrostatic paint. A restaurant may be a good place for easy-to-clean wallpaper. However, a medical office waiting room may be a good place for antimicrobial paint. There are good paints and bad paints for every area, and professionals are familiar with them all. A commercial painting professional can help you assess your building’s unique needs.

Wall Surface Preparation

Preparing the wall surface can be a varying process depending on whether you choose paint or wallpaper. If there is already wallpaper on the wall, it needs to be removed first. If the wallpaper was not installed properly, removing it may take longer. Also, if the wall has holes, cracks or damage that must be repaired, those factors add time to the preparation process. Painters may sand, caulk, patch and scrape to prepare the walls before they clean them to be primed. If there is grease, grime or residue on the walls, cleaning can take longer.

A professional can estimate how long it will take to prepare and clean your walls and how long it will take to install wallpaper or apply paint. Downtime is a major concern for every business, and professional painting crews understand that time is money. They can help you choose the right solution for your needs.


Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a specific color of paint or a wallpaper design. Although there are more pattern options with wallpaper, keep in mind that painters can create some patterns, such as stripes. If you are set on a 3D design and have a commercial building where wallpaper is a feasible choice for safety and practicality, there are plenty of designs to consider. For example, if you put a 3D wallpaper in your interior design office, it is sure to impress clients. As you think about aesthetics, such as color or pattern, consider what your target market or markets want. Also, consider what people who work there may want. Use those insights to guide you as you think about practicality, your budget and longevity of paint or wallpaper.

Longevity, Durability and Cost

It is important to consider all three of these factors together. Wallpaper that is installed by a professional may last up to 15 years. However, people intentionally peeling it, furniture that bumps it, moisture exposure and other factors can shorten its useful life considerably. Professional wallpaper is more durable than what you can buy online or from store shelves. The cheap wallpapers that you find at most stores or online shops is very thin and is far more likely to peel or tear prematurely.

High-quality interior paint may last up to 10 years. Its useful life can also be shortened with moisture, impact and other factors. Although wallpaper tends to have a longer average life, it tends to cost more than paint as well. Paint tends to repel moisture better. Also, there are special paints that reduce electrostatic charges, repel microbes and more.

Finding Commercial Painting Services in Vancouver WA

As an experienced painting contractor in the area, we can help you decide on a wallpaper design, a paint color or a paint color combination for your commercial structure. Our painters know which types of paints are ideal for various substrates and which options are better for certain types of businesses or purposes. It is important to us to give you peace of mind that you can rely on our painters, which is why they are fully vetted and go through background checks. Also, we are fully insured and licensed to give you the assurance that we produce consistent and high-quality results. We also understand how critical it is to limit disruptions to your operations, which is why we work hard to accommodate your scheduling needs and work around you. Rest assured that our painters work effectively even in the most challenging environments. Our painters use the latest equipment and technologies to make the process efficient, and they are familiar with the characteristics and properties of paint. We will be happy to consult with you on scheduling needs, paint colors and more. Please contact Fresh Look Painting for a free estimate on commercial painting in Vancouver WA.