How a Professional Commercial Painter in Vancouver Prepares a Room

When it is time to update your office or company facility, a smart way to start is with paint. Paint can help set the tone for a space. If your work area or place of business is looking a little shabby, it may be time to apply a new coat of paint on your walls. To receive the best results, it is wise to hire a team of commercial painting professionals. At Fresh Look Painting, we have the experience and the equipment necessary to complete all interior painting projects with ease. When you want to transform the inside of your Vancouver WA facility, we are ready to help you select the best color scheme and design. In no time, you will be enjoying a beautiful work environment. Here is how a commercial painting contractor prepares a room so that the end results are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Protect the Furnishings

Whether you are painting your office, your industrial plant, your restaurant, or another type of business, is essential to protect the tables, desks, and other equipment that is kept within the space. The first step is removing these items or placing them in the center of the room. Some companies will provide coverage for these items. This keeps your furnishings safe from paint stains.

Protect the Floor

Before beginning a paint job, you want to make sure that the flooring is protected. Whether you have carpeting or tile, you don’t want to see paint splatters on top of your floors. These can cause the need for expensive cleanup. The same goes for your industrial cement floor. A professional painter protects the floors by using plastic or canvas tarps.

Consider the Fixtures

Beside your furniture, office equipment, and floors, it is important to safeguard your light fixtures and electrical plates. There’s nothing more unprofessional than seeing paint streaks on ceiling fans, ceiling lamps, and electrical plates when the job is done. Coverings will be placed around lighting fixtures. Instead of using tape over electrical plates, which can leave a sticky residue behind, a professional removes them from the wall.

Fill the Cracks and Holes

Most offices and industrial spaces have cracks and holes in their walls. These need to be filled before paint is applied. Many professionals use a drywall compound to even out a wall’s surface. Afterwards, sanding will be completed when necessary. This step ensures that the finished results are as smooth as possible. Also, a professional commercial painter will remove wallpaper from your office. It’s key to make sure that all glue is removed before paint is applied.

Make Sure Walls are Completely Clean

Moving furniture and other pieces of equipment can stir up dirt. If this settles on your walls, it can prevent an even application of new paint. A professional painter cleans and dries walls before starting the job. If you work in an industry where grease stains may have accumulated on your walls, it is especially important to have these removed. Paint will not adhere properly to oily surfaces. Also, certain businesses tend to suffer with moisture problems. A commercial painter understands how to properly sterilize all wall surfaces and how to safely remove mold and mildew. Paint adheres best of clean and dry surfaces. A professional makes sure that the walls of your space are blank canvases that are ready to accept the paint.

Protect Trim and Baseboards

If you are painting an office or an area with trim and baseboards, a professional painter will tape off these areas so that splashes or drips do not occur and cause the need for touchups. Using tape around these items ensures that clean lines result at the end of the painting process.

Use Primer

Before paint is applied to the walls of your business or institution, a commercial painting professional will apply a coat of primer. This acts as a seal on the walls and provides an initial layer that aids adhesion. If paint doesn’t adhere properly, your walls will be harder to clean. Also, if your building has humid conditions, a primer will make sure that peeling paint does not become a problem down the road. When a primer is used, it efficiently covers cracks and holes that have been filled. Less layers of paint are needed to effectively cover the walls as well.

Apply the Paint

A commercial painter has the tools and equipment necessary to complete the job in a large space. In smaller offices, a professional uses brushes and rollers on the walls. In larger facilities, a professional may use spray equipment and large ladders to reach tall ceilings. He or she will be abreast of the latest technologies and methods that leave a space looking attractive and welcoming. There will never be streaks or unsightly blemishes left behind.

Working with a Top Vancouver WA Professional Commercial Painter When your commercial property requires new paint, consider the experts at Fresh Look Painting. We will help you select an appropriate color and products that will protect your structure from moisture and stains. If a special coating is necessary, we will apply it. Our licensed and insured team has years of experience working on commercial properties, and we will leave your building’s interior looking its best. We will work with your schedule so that downtime is kept to a minimum. To schedule an appointment, call us at (503)250-2531.