5 Ideas to Make an Exciting Statement When Painting the Ceilings in your Vancouver Business

If you’ve failed to take your business’s ceilings into account, then you’re far from alone. Most business owners understand the importance of giving their location a pleasant interior, but they get so caught up in the walls, windows, and eye-level decorations that they practically forget about the ceiling altogether. Considering the major effect ceilings can have on the overall atmosphere of a room, this oversight is a major mistake.

The color, style, and texture of a ceiling provides the subtle background for the rest of a room’s aesthetics. No matter how much time you spend installing floors and decorating the walls, a plain or ugly ceiling can offset all that hard work. A well-painted, stylish ceiling, on the other hand, will tie the entire interior together.

Don’t be afraid to go bold when it comes to painting and designing your business’s ceiling. As in other areas of business, courage usually pays off when it comes to interior design. With the help of a Vancouver commercial painting contractor, you can create a stylish ceiling that does credit to your entire operation. At Fresh Look Painting, we’re confident our years of experience with commercial interior painting can be of use to your company.

If you’ve got a business in Vancouver WA, then let us help you make the most of your ceilings. Take a moment to peruse the following ideas for creating a bold, attractive style. Then, give us a call for an initial consultation.

Be Decisive With Dark or Bold Colors

While some people mistakenly believe that ceilings are best left plain or simple, a bold ceiling color is actually one of the best ways to boost the appearance of a room. Darker colors like maroon or dark blue are great for areas with lighter walls and flooring. The contrast will please the viewer’s eye and create a delightful balance.

Brighter colors like yellow and teal can also have a wonderful effect on a room. These bolder shades are especially attractive in bathrooms and cafeterias. Whatever colors you decide on, don’t make the mistake of assuming that ceilings should be understated. A little boldness will take you a long way.

Add Contrast With Multiple Colors

While too many colors on a ceiling would definitely count as overkill, there’s no reason to stick with a single shade. In fact, using two colors to create a bit of contrast has a consistently pleasing effect on a room.

Lights, molding, and decorative trimming all provide excellent opportunities for using a secondary color on the ceiling. By opting for a shade that corresponds with the rest of the room’s aesthetic, you can create a unity of style that almost always looks spectacular. While white trim pairs nicely with a darker ceiling, you can ultimately pick whatever colors seem most appropriate for the space.

Choose a Finish or Texture

Something as simple and seemingly insignificant as a bit of texture can actually have a transformative effect on a ceiling. You can use a particular style of paint to get just the type of effect you’re after.

Paints with a matte or flat finish are great for covering blemishes, while thicker paints are perfect for adding delightful swirls and other textural extravagances. If you really want your building to sparkle, you could even consider using a paint with glitter. Whatever style you choose, just be mindful of how a paint’s finish will define the ultimate character of the ceiling.

Go Retro With Metal Tiles

Sometimes, the materials used to make the ceiling are just as important as the paint used to cover it. Decorative metal tiles, long a staple in places of business around the country, have recently made a major comeback. Given their style and durability, it’s no wonder they’re popular once again.

While some business owners leave the tiles their natural metallic color for a more rustic look, you can also paint them to match the setting. Even after they’ve been painted, the style and texture of the tiles still gives them a unique, agreeable appearance.

Give Beadboard or Siding a Shot

Metal tiles aren’t the only alternative ceiling materials at your disposal. Beadboard and siding provide both texture and character, offering you an exciting way to spice up your business’s ceiling.

Siding that’s stained but left unpainted creates the type of rugged aesthetic that many business owners are crazy for. You can also paint the siding or beadboard in accordance with the building’s general interior aesthetic. Whichever option you choose, your ceiling will benefit from the texture and dimensionality that these versatile materials provide.

Contact Fresh Look Painting to Get Started Today! Now that you know your options, it’s time to create the type of bold, exciting ceiling that will set the tone for your business’s interior. At Fresh Looking Painting, we have what it takes to make your business the pride of Vancouver WA. As a commercial painting contractor with years of experience, we’ll walk you through every step of the planning process. Then, we’ll execute the commercial interior painting with our trademark skill and dedication. Call us today to get started!