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Getting the Job Done

When it comes to manufacturing, competition is fierce. Today’s corporations want to do business with organizations that prioritize safety and productivity. They don’t just rely on your marketing brochures to get a clear picture of your company’s capabilities. They verify supply chain integrity during in-person site visits. The professional factory painters at Fresh Look Painting get Vancouver WA facilities ready for prime time with interior and exterior factory and equipment painting services.

Factory Painting for a Great First Impression

Exterior Facility Painting

When a client or colleague visits your facility, your building’s condition is the first thing that he or she notices. A factory that has faded paint, rusted siding, or peeling fixtures brings a brand down, and you often don’t get another chance to make a good impression. A factory painting company like Fresh Look refreshes your facility’s siding, doors, and roofs with colors that reinforce your brand and let the public know that you’re ready to deliver quality products within a professional environment.

Interior Facility Painting

Even though many business leaders don’t know the industrial standards by which your factory operates, they notice when facilities look dark, dirty, and hazardous. A dingy factory can mean the difference between getting a contract and just getting a business card. Make your factory look contract-worthy by hiring our factory painters to refresh your facility’s walls, ceilings, and floors with our industrial-grade paints. Our premium paints put a barrier between your facility and production-related dirt, grease, and grime. They allow you to easily wash your building’s interior spaces for a clean look that impresses visitors and boosts employee morale.

Industrial Painting Enhances Factory Safety

Maintains Safety Standards

As a plant manager, you place great importance on safety for your production floor. Work-related injuries hurt individuals, families, and businesses. You can reduce the risk of injuries in your plant by reinforcing safety markings within your facility with our paint. For instance, our factory painters can mark items such as fire extinguishers and sprinklers in red paint and call attention to hazardous machine parts with orange paint. We paint colored lanes on factory floors to designate safe areas for foot traffic and direct forklift and other vehicle traffic. We also apply non-slip coatings to factory floors to reduce slip-and-fall accidents and disruptions to plant operations. Our services help you to pass regulatory inspections and avoid costly fines.

Prevents Improper Equipment Use

One cause of workplace accidents is the improper use of equipment. New workers forget that a certain set of machines are only used for specific tasks. They eventually get hurt or damage the machines. We help you to enforce a culture of safety at your factory with our industrial painting services. We paint machinery by colors to designate their use for specific production lines.

Protect Your Investment With Machinery Painting

Preventing Rust and Corrosion

Depending on the industry that you serve, your factory’s equipment can be exposed to excessive moisture that’ll cause corrosion when left unchecked. When a wet environment is out of your control, you can protect your equipment with a professional finish. We paint factory equipment with coatings that make them waterproof. These coatings are long lasting and allow your equipment to perform for many years without developing rust. Our machinery paint services extend the life of your factory equipment and save you money in the long term.

Chemical Resistant

If your plant is like most facilities in Vancouver, its equipment is exposed to harsh chemicals every day. Caustic acids and lethal bases such as chlorine bleach cause your factory’s machines to corrode. Even substances such as acid rain and salt spray can impair your equipment’s performance over time. As a leading factory painting company in Vancouver, we apply the right paints with the proper techniques to make your expensive machinery resistant to chemical wear.

Abrasion Resistant

Scratches and scuff marks on equipment are part of normal operations in many plants. When you want to make your facility stand out from the crowd, invest in durable finishes for your factory’s machinery. When your facility’s machines look well-maintained, your brand benefits. Clients and other stakeholders will get the impression that your plant operations are under control and that your company can handle large and small capacity orders. While your scratched and scuffed machines may work fine, they may be a turn off for potential buyers. When selling your business, professionally painted machines that resist scratches and dings command higher resale values.

Why Use Fresh Look Painting for Your Factory Painting Needs?


We have over 20 years serving our neighbors as a leading factory painting company in the Northwest. During this time, our painters have acquired extensive experience and training in commercial painting. Our specialists understand the chemical properties of the paints that we use and the techniques and equipment that are needed to produce flawless finishes every time. We help our clients to maintain their valuable equipment with coatings that offer weather, chemical, and thermal resistance. You get longer lifespans and fewer breakdowns with our machine paint services.

Updated Tools and Equipment

Don’t trust your facility and its equipment to just any painting company. You need a reliable painting company that specializes in a variety of commercial paint projects. Our painters are prepared to work in all types of commercial spaces with the updated tools and equipment that we provide for each project.

Here are some of the commercial facilities that we paint.

  • Warehouses
  • Retail facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Parking garage


We help you to maintain your commercial space with painting services that meet your needs and fit your budget. Our staff members can help you to prioritize areas of your facility that need paint services the most. We are no strangers to challenging commercial environments, and we work around your schedule to deliver expert painting services with minimal disruptions to your operations. The results are quality services that give you the most value for your investment.


Over the years, we’ve faced competition from worthy painting contractors as well as unscrupulous ones. We have a solid reputation in our region for quality and excellence that’s built on integrity. We never recommend painting services that are not needed, and we back our work with a warranty.

Are you ready to improve the look, safety, and performance of your plant operations? Call us today to schedule a paint consultation for your factory or warehouse.

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