Why Antimicrobial Paint for Businesses is Surging in Vancouver, WA

antimicrobial paint

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, elderly people are particularly vulnerable to the virus and other illnesses. Elders generally have a much weaker immune system than younger people. Being immunocompromised during a pandemic is worrisome. Even simple infections and diseases can be dangerous and life-threatening for older people. Throughout the pandemic, people have been…

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Why NOW is the Best Time to Paint your Commercial Property

Commercial Exterior Painting Vancouver WA

Your office looks drab. Your warehouse looks grungy. Perhaps the board room needs a touch-up? One of the easiest ways to handle all of these issues is to paint them. New paint can freshen appearances, cover blemishes, and revitalize your space’s visual ergonomics. The biggest problem with commercial painting is that it might create workplace…

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Six Things to Consider Before Scheduling Commercial Floor Painting

Commercial Floor Painting Vancouver, WA

Industrial painting plays a prominent role in building maintenance. Whether you manage a busy food processing plant or a large warehouse for automotive parts, you’ll want to maintain a high-performance work environment that’s safe and reliable. Regular applications of paint and coatings to your facility’s floors can help you to get there. Every commercial facility…

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The Benefits of Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting Vancouver

Whatever your industrial field might be, you’d likely benefit from industrial painting. It protects valuable assets, including buildings, machinery, silos, and vehicles. In most cases, industrial paints are used in warehouses and other facilities that customers never visit. A variety of industrial painting services exist. An example is electrostatic painting, whereby a special gun shoots…

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